Personal Post: The “Pseudo” Panic-Attacks of A First-Time Blogger

54-noobI have always been a reader. I read books, blogs, newspapers, magazines, on-line articles and journals; I love reading. And I also love writing. I just never had the chance to put my work out into the public. Last week, while writing in my journal I thought to myself:

“Why not Blog?”

You see, I’ve never published any non-academic written work before. And, “Computers?!”, I think I developed some form of technophobia since the Iphone went out! Still I opted to try writing my own blog. Now I would like to quote my professor back in graduate school here when he said:

“ideas are all worthless if you keep them to yourself.”

I started this blog 4 days ago, and these past 4 days for me have been nothing but a roller coaster ride between the depths of literary inspiration and the weirdly thrilling, self-induced highs of my “pseudo” panic-attacks! Oooh boy! If you could just have seen me doing “trial and error” on my computer like a caveman just to make sense of this blog. I even learned, just now, that I can actually make indentations, change the color of my font and underline the text! (right after clicking the kitchen sink icon accidentally- just look at my previous posts if you want some proof) *sigh*

Now that I think about it,  I should have videoed myself, just so I have a record of my exploits being pathetic; and also, so as to have a happy precaution for the times when I might feel down. Overall though, I really AM glad I chose to start blogging. It has been really cathartic being able to share my thoughts on things I care about. This has been a great first step for me and I can actually say that I’m enjoying this.

I made my blog to be about my thoughts on the philosophical and maybe some technical dimensions of nonviolence, peace and Aikido (concepts/arts I am most passionate about). So far, I feel both excited and relieved that somehow, I finally got the hang of the basics in posting, commenting, etc, even if it’s just a little bit. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m hoping I’ll be finding like minded people here.

Blogging is a new experience for me. after just 4 days, I have a new found respect for bloggers, and I genuinely commend all the bloggers who have been regularly blogging for quite some time. I know it’s not that easy to be so consistent over a long period. As for myself, I commit to write at least once or twice a week.Image

And also, I was thinking of posting ‘personal experiences’ posts like this every now and then; a little diversity to lighten up the mood of my blog. (I’m so new at this. Help!)

We all have to start somewhere, right? What was it like the first time you guys started blogging? Any tips??

At times like these, venturing on doing something new,  I just give myself a light pat on the shoulder and say to myself:

“It is arrogant to believe you can do something well the first time.”


7 thoughts on “Personal Post: The “Pseudo” Panic-Attacks of A First-Time Blogger

  1. I am very much at the beginning, too, and I am still trying to figure out my “style”. I can really relate to you thoughts and feelings and wish you all the best in your endeavor (^_^)
    I enjoy the flow of your writing and am looking forward to reading more from you

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  2. Best Wishes ! It’s going to be a great ride! Enjoy it. And don’t forget to keep a back-up just in case you decide to publish an e-book or traditional book later!!

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  3. It’s been about 3 months since this post. In your journey as a blogger, do you still have those panic attacks? I, as a follower of this blog, would like to know how the blog has affected your life so far?

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    • Still getting used to it. Just keeping on is best I think. Thanks for asking after all this time. Yes, I still have them, but thankfully they happen less and are farther apart. Experience is a good teacher. 🙂


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