Follow Your Own Rhythm, Listen to Your Own Drum (Reblog)


“For some of us, we learn slowly, and grow slowly. For others, they learn fast and grow just as fast as they learn. One is not better than the other. It just is. Some of us are turtles, and some of us are graceful gazelles. Just like in Aikido. “

(Note: This article has been reposted here with permission from the author.)

Stell Fuentes



senstelStella Fuentes started Aikido in 1994 in the Philippines and obtained Shodan in February 1998, Nidan in February 2004 from Hombu, Japan. She has a dojo in the Philippines, which is presently maintained by her brother since moving to Woodbridge, Virginia in 2007. She currently holds the rank of sandan, and is an instructor in Dale City Aikikai.

She worked in the field of peace and conflict transformation while in the Philippines, using Aikido as a medium of understanding and instructing basic peace/conflict concepts and strategies. She is a homemaker, and the better half of Paul. 

( Please also see: Kyu Grades and Beginners” by Stella Fuentes)


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