Breathe in
The perfumed air
of early morning.
For too soon
the bustling world
will awake.
For now,
the soulful song
of gentle zephyrs
Beckons to you.
before you begin your day.
Refresh your soul.
Let the soothing scent of lavender
become the breeze
that caresses your morning face.
Empty your mind
Of all your worries.
Bow in reverence
to the majesty of this new day.
Refresh new eyes
To see Miracles that could happen today.
Breathe in
the vapors of fecund Earth.
Channel her strength into
Your center,
spiralling in, to ground you to Her.
Breathe out
Your joy and love
For the world
You will face today!

And in the evening,
Find a quiet haven,
Somewhere safe and yours alone.
Breathe in the Wonders of the day
seen and done by you,
Breathe out all you need to let go.
Let the Earth and night’s shadows
Bring you comfort,
Let her strength cradle you
In your rest.
Let the songs of the crickets
Lullaby you
Into renewing sleep and rest.


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