3 billy goats bridge troll 1

To minimize the complexities of living.

Regarding procedures and processes:
To achieve an effect as efficiently as possible,
Using the least material, expending the least effort.

Regarding how to state the facts:
To say it in the clearest, most direct manner.

What is the frugality and wisdom of living a simple life?
Does it mean not enjoying the finer things in life?
Does it mean not employing the subtleties
of human behavior and interaction?
Or does it mean learning to live without
the added burdens of the unneeded, The un-necessary?

Is it possible to be austere yet happy and content?
To pare down everything to the basics.

Regarding material things:
Is it a necessity?
Is it a luxury?
What do we pare away?
In your heart, you will know:
What can stay
and what


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