Perception Deception

Shadow (2)

Do not let your senses fool you
into perceiving what is not there.
Our senses can mislead us.
The eyes will see only what they wish to see,
Ears will hear only what they wish to hear.
Deceiving us into believing
Only what we choose to believe.

But, eyes can see what cannot be seen, and
Ears can hear unspoken word,
Heart can see and hear as well as eye or ear.

In the cacophony of sights and sounds,
Seeing with only the eyes
Hearing with only our ears
May be leading us the other way
than what was intended
Into danger, into a wrong turn, into darkness.
Instead of into the light.

Eyes and ears must see with heart,
Find Kindness and Compassion.

Must listen with soul,
Must perceive the intent ,
the motive behind the action.
Listen from Heart to heart, and
See Soul to soul,
Then there will only be a need
For eye or ear,
just because we have them.


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