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The Floating Bridge of Heaven
Iwato Biraki: The Story of Amaterasu
Aikido and the Two Faces
Aikido and the Ethics of Self-Defense
Shu-Ha-Ri: The Road to Mastery
Shoshin: The Beginner’s Mind
Masakatsu Agatsu: Aikido and Victorious Living
The Sword of Life and Death
Zen Fable: The Marvelous Techniques of the Old Cat (Neko no Myojutsu)
icon-popular Mushin: The Mind without Mind
icon-popular Aikido Beginner’s Guide: 11 Misconceptions About Training in Martial Arts
icon-popular The Essentials of Etiquette (Rei)
How to Get the Most Out of Training (Aikido)
icon-popular Kata is NOT Waza
icon-popular14 Aikido Lessons in Common Sense
Follow Your Own Rhythm, Listen to Your Own Drum (Reblog)
 “Kyu Grades and Beginners” by Stella Fuentes
Fudoshin: The Indomitable Spirit
icon-popular O’Sensei is Human
Everything is a Gift
icon-popular What I Learned from Making My Own Bokken by Stella Fuentes
icon-popular Zanshin: The Mind of Continuing Alertness
Senshin: The Enlightened Mind
Fall Down Seven, Stand Up Eight
icon-popular Iriminage: Having the Heart to Enter
5 Thoughts on Walking
The Eternal Allure of Play
icon-popular Aikido Acrobatics
Kaiten-nage : On Learning How to Open and Transform the Self
icon-popular Kokyu
Touching Greatness: The Mark of an Excellent Teacher
icon-popular On Training: Aikido is for Everybody
Reputation and Integrity
Rollercoaster Sensei
icon-popular Philosophy and Movement
icon-popular “Freedom is the Absolute Prerequisite to Peace” by André Cognard, 8th Dan Hanshi
icon-popular When The Body Moves the Mind
Learning from Nature
icon-popular A Deeper Look into Ma-ai
The Blind Men and the Elephant
icon-popular Should Aikido be Effective?
“Making Change Permanent” by Quentin Cooke Sensei, 7th Dan
icon-popular “Ssshhh… I will tell you a secret. For me, it’s Shihonage.”
Do-Chu-Sei: Quietude in Turmoil
icon-popular “An Aikido Solution to Hamas Rocket Attacks” by Corky Quakenbush


icon-popular The Sword of the Tongue
icon-popular Sharing Meals with Death and Coming Out Alive
A Commitment to Compassion
icon-popular 8 Tips to Making Peace a Habit
Opposites: A Humourous Approach to Balancing Acts
I am a Christian and I Choose Not to Judge
icon-popular Musings on Psychology: the Onion, the Book, and the Window


An exercise in “W”
Cry “Wolf” !
Only Hope Left
Well Wishing
Late Daffodils
For My Genie in the Bottle
The Frog Pond in Summer
Forest Kingdom
Let go and Let’s Go
In Ragweed And Clover
Home Land

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